Toronto Stock Exchange

Short Name Full Name
HDGE Accelerate Absolute Return Hdg Fund ETF
HOT American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP
HRR Australian REIT Income Fund
HGD Betapro CDN Gold Miners 2X Dly Bear ETF
HGU Betapro CDN Gold Miners 2X Dly Bull ETF
HOD Betapro Crude Oil 2X Daily Bear ETF
HOU Betapro Crude Oil 2X Daily Bull ETF
HBD Betapro Gold Bullion 2X Daily Bear ETF
HBU Betapro Gold Bullion 2X Daily Bull ETF
HMJU Betapro Marijuana Cos 2X Daily Bull ETF
HMJI Betapro Marijuana Cos Inverse ETF
HQD Betapro Nasdaq 100 2X Daily Bear ETF
HQU Betapro Nasdaq 100 2X Daily Bull ETF
HND Betapro Nat Gas 2X Daily Bear ETF
HNU Betapro Nat Gas 2X Daily Bull ETF
HXD Betapro S&P TSX 60 2X Daily Bear ETF
HXU Betapro S&P TSX 60 2X Daily Bull ETF
HIX Betapro S&P TSX 60 Daily Inverse ETF
HED Betapro S&P TSX Cap Engy 2X Dly Bear ETF
HEU Betapro S&P TSX Cap Engy 2X Dly Bull ETF
HFD Betapro S&P TSX Cap Fncl 2X Dly Bear ETF
HFU Betapro S&P TSX Cap Fncl 2X Dly Bull ETF
HZD Betapro Silver 2X Daily Bear ETF
HZU Betapro Silver 2X Daily Bull ETF
HSD Betapro Sp500 2X Daily Bear ETF
HSU Betapro Sp500 2X Daily Bull ETF
HIU Betapro Sp500 Daily Inverse ETF
HUV Betapro Sp500 VIX ST Ftrs ETF
HBLK Blockchain Technologies ETF
HBL Brand Leaders Income Fund
HIG Brompton Global Healthcare Inc & Gth ETF
HOM Bsr Real Estate Investment Trust
HERO Evolve E Gaming Index ETF
HERS Evolve Na Gender Diversity Idx Hgd ETF
HGI Global Telecom and Utilities IN Fd
HR H&R Real Estate Inv Trust
HFA Hamilton Capital Australian Fin Yld ETF
HBG Hamilton Capital Global Bank ETF
HFY Hamilton Capital Global Fin Yield ETF
HCB Hamilton Capital Partners Inc Weight ETF
HFMU Hamilton Capital US Mid Financial Etfcad
HMM Hammond Manufacturing Co. Ltd Cl A. Sv
HPS Hammond Power Solutions Inc Cl A. Sv
HE Hanwei Energy Services Corp
HDI Hardwoods Distribution Inc
HRT Harte Gold Corp
HBF Harvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF
HPF Harvest Energy Leaders Plus Income ETF
HUTL Harvest Eql Wght Glb Util Income ETF
HGGG Harvest Global Gold Giants Index ETF
HGR Harvest Global REIT Leaders Income ETF
HRES Harvest Global Resource Leaders ETF
HHL Harvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF
HTA Harvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF
HUBL Harvest US Bank Leaders Income ETF
HUL Harvest US Equity Plus Income ETF
HSM Helius Medical Technologies Inc
HBP Helix Biopharm
HRX Heroux-Devtek
HEXO Hexo Corp
HWO High Arctic Energy Services Inc
HLF High Liner
HLS Hls Therapeutics Inc
HLC Holloway Lodging Corp
HCG Home Capital Group Inc
HNL Horizon North Logistics Inc
HARC Horizons Abs Return Global Currency ETF
HAD Horizons Active CDN Bond ETF
HAL Horizons Active CDN Dividend ETF
HMP Horizons Active CDN Municipal Bond ETF
HAB Horizons Active Corporate Bond ETF
HEMB Horizons Active Emerging Mkts Bond ETF
HAJ Horizons Active Emerging Mkts Div ETF
HSL Horizons Active Float Rate Sen Loan ETF
HFR Horizons Active Floating Rate Bond ETF
HFP Horizons Active Flt Rate Pref ETF
HAZ Horizons Active Global Dividend ETF
HAF Horizons Active Global Fixed Income ETF
HYI Horizons Active High Yield Bond ETF
HPR Horizons Active Pref Share ETF
HAU Horizons Active US Dividend ETF
HUF Horizons Active US Float Rate Bd ETF CAD
HBAL Horizons Balanced Tri ETF
HXH Horizons CDN High Dividend Index ETF
HII Horizons CDN Insider Index ETF
HOG Horizons CDN Midstream Oil Gas ETF
HBB Horizons CDN Select Universe Bond ETF
HCN Horizons China High Dividend Yield ETF
HCON Horizons Conservative Tri ETF
HUC Horizons Crude Oil ETF
HEE Horizons Enhanced Income Energy ETF
HEX Horizons Enhanced Income Equity ETF
HEF Horizons Enhanced Income Fin ETF
HEP Horizons Enhanced Income Gold Prod ETF
HEJ Horizons Enhd Inc Intl Equity ETF
HEA Horizons Enhd Income US Equity ETF
HEWB Horizons Eql Wght Can Banks Index ETF
HCRE Horizons Eql Wght Can REIT Index ETF
HXX Horizons Euro Stoxx 50 Index ETF
HRA Horizons Global Risk Parity ETF
HURA Horizons Global Uranium Index ETF
HUG Horizons Gold ETF
HGY Horizons Gold Yield ETF
HGRO Horizons Growth Tri ETF
HXDM Horizons Intl Dev Mkts Equity Index ETF
HLPR Horizons Laddered CDN Pref Index ETF
HGM Horizons Managed Global Oppt ETF
HMMJ Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF
HHF Horizons Morningstar Hdg Fd ETF
HXQ Horizons Nasdaq 100 Index ETF
HUN Horizons Natural Gas ETF
HNY Horizons Natural Gas Yield ETF
HXS Horizons S&P 500 Index ETF
HEW Horizons S&P TSX 60 Equal Wgt ETF
HXE Horizons S&P TSX Capped Energy Index ETF
HXF Horizons S&P TSX Capped Fncl Index ETF
HXT Horizons S&P Tsx60 Index ETF
HAC Horizons Seasonal Rotation ETF
HUZ Horizons Silver ETF
HSH Horizons Sp500 CAD Hedged Index ETF
HTH Horizons US 7 10 Yr Treas Bd CAD Heg ETF
HTB Horizons US 7 To 10 Yr Treasury Bond ETF
HZM Horizonte Minerals Plc
HBM Hudbay Minerals Inc
HBC Hudsons Bay Company
HSE Husky Energy Inc
HUT Hut 8 Mining Corp
H Hydro One Limited
HWF Middlefield Health Wellness ETF
HID Wisdomtree US High Div ETF