Toronto Stock Exchange

Short Name Full Name
RBN Blue Ribbon Income Fund
RIV Canopy Rivers Inc
RIT CI First Asset Canadian REIT ETF
RWC CI First Asset MSCI Canada Low Risk Wtd ETF
RWE CI First Asset MSCI Europe Lr Wgtd ETF
RWX CI First Asset MSCI Intl Low Risk Weighted ETF
RWU CI First Asset MSCI USA Lr Wgtd ETF
RWW CI First Asset MSCI World Low Risk Wtd ETF
RBOT Horizons Robotics Automation Idx ETF
REIT Invesco S&P/TSX REIT Income Index ETF
RCO Middlefield Can Global REIT Income Fund
RUF Pure Multi Family REIT LP CAD
RAV Ravensource Fund
RLB RBC 1 To 5 Year Laddered Can Bond ETF
RBO RBC 1 To 5 Yr Laddered Corp Bond ETF
RMBO RBC 6 To 10 Yr CDN Corp Bond ETF
RBDI RBC Bluebay Global Income ETF
RPF RBC Canadian Pref Share ETF
RBNK RBC CDN Bank Yield Index ETF
RPSB RBC Phn Short Term CDN Bond ETF
RGRE RBC Qnt Glbl Real Estate Ldrs
RCE RBC Quant Canadian Equity Leaders ETF
RCD RBC Quant CDN Dividend Leaders ETF
RID RBC Quant EAFE Div Leaders ETF
RIE RBC Quant EAFE Equity Leaders ETF
RXD RBC Quant Emrg Mkts Div Leaders ETF
RXE RBC Quant Emrg Mkts Equity Leaders ETF
RPD RBC Quant European Div Leaders ETF
RPDH RBC Quant European Div Leaders ETF
RIG RBC Quant Global Infras Leaders ETF
RUD RBC Quant US Div Leaders ETF
RUE RBC Quant US Equity Leaders ETF
RUSB RBC Short Term US Corp Bond ETF
RLE RBC Stategic Global Equity Leaders ETF
RLD RBC Strategic Global Div Leaders ETF
RQG RBC Target 2019 Corp Bond Index ETF
RQH RBC Target 2020 Corp Bond Index ETF
RQI RBC Target 2021 Corp Bond Index ETF
RQJ RBC Target 2022 Corp Bond ETF
RQK RBC Target 2023 Corp Bond ETF
RQL RBC Target 2024 Corp Bond Index ETF
RQN RBC Target 2025 Corp Bond Index ETF
RUBH RBC US Banks Yield CAD Hgd Index ETF
RUBY RBC US Banks Yield Index ETF CAD
REAL Real Matters Inc
RECP Recipe Unlimited Corp
RDL Redline Communications Group Inc
RET Reitmans [Canada] Ltd Cl NV
RFP Resolute Forest Products Inc
RVX Resverlogix Corp
RPI Richards Packaging Income Fund
RCH Richelieu Hardware Ltd
RIB Ridgewood CAD Invest Grade Bond Fund
REI Riocan Real Est Un
RBA Ritchie Bros Auctioneers Inc
RME Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc
RCI Rogers Communications Inc Cl Mv
RSI Rogers Sugar Inc
ROOT Roots Corporation
ROXG Roxgold Inc
RY Royal Bank of Canada
RNX Royal Nickel Corp
RTG Rtg Mining Inc
RMX Rubicon Minerals Corp
RUS Russel Metals
RAY Stingray Digital Group Inc Sv
RNW Transalta Renewables Inc