Iran Plane Crash

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Some headlines

  • Report: Video Shows Ukrainian Plane Getting Struck By Missile Over Iran Canadian PM supports US claims Ukrainian jet was shot down by Iran
  • Iran says it's 'impossible' that missile brought down Ukrainian airliner despite Canadian, U.S. assertions
  • 'Psychological warfare’: Iran urges Canada to share ‘intelligence’ cited by Trudeau to accuse Tehran of Ukrainian jet downing
  • Ukrainian jet crash in Iran raises questions
  • Iran releases report on crashed Ukrainian passenger plane

The Problem?

You have seen the reports that Iran accidentally fired and downed the Ukrainian airliner. Iran, obviously, denies it.

But do you know how the tragedy is being covered in global media? How is the Iranian media reporting on the subject? What are the Chinese saying? What do the Russian have to say? What is the narrative in Arab countries?

Do you need the coverage to get the full picture? Do you need the clippings to strengthen your case? Have you been personally affected by the tragedy?

The Solution

Get global media coverage on the subject. It will include news reports from the parts of the world which is not available to you at this time. Some the sources include the following:

Iranian sources

  • Islamic Republic News Agency
  • Iran Front Page
  • Iran Daily
  • Iran News Daily
  • FARS News Agency
  • Mehr News

Chinese sources

  • Xinhua News Agency
  • CGTN
  • Global Times
  • ChinaDail

Russian sources

  • Russia Today
  • Russia & CIS General Newswire
  • Sputnik

Ukrainian sources

  • Ukraine General Newswire
  • 112.UA International

International Sources

The service will cover all major sources from all major countries.


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