Media Monitoring on Corona Virus

Monitor news media, social media, government and public health agencies' websites for content on Corona virus.

What is the service?

The service will monitor content on Corona virus appearing in online news portals, social media platforms such as Twitter and websites of the governments and public health agencies.

Online News Media Monitoring on Corona virus

Monitor Social Media Platforms such as Twitter for information on Corona virus

Monitor Government and Public Health websites for authoritative content.


You get a compilation of news headlines, social media posts and websites updates on Corona virus with links to the fulltext.


The headlines are organised and prioritised as per your need.


Fulltext can be given upfront. Or obtained by clicking on the links given.

Smart Briefs

Short briefs can be created if needed. These briefs can be redistributed or published.


Branded custom news letters can be created and distributed in your organisation's name.

About Press Monitor

Press Monitor group started its operations in the year 1994. It provides services to the Canadian Embassy in New Delhi. In addition, the organisation has been serving the US government since the past 10 years. Press Monitor group provides media monitoring services in several parts of the world. Tens of thousands of users in more than 150 countries consume Press Monitor services everyday.

Press Monitor Inc. is a part of the group and is incorporated in Canada. The company has its office in Downtown Toronto at 1 Yonge Street.

US Government

The world's most prestigious customer. Press Monitor proudly serves several agencies of the US government. Press Monitor provides media monitoring services in more than 20 languages to the US government.

Indian Government

The world's largest democracy, India has a thriving media. Press Monitor proudly serves the President and Prime Minister of India, all ministries of the Indian government. It also serves many regulatory and statutory bodies.

Transnational Corporations

Press Monitor serves national and trans-national corporations, government and non-government organisations and several other types of customers who have stake in monitoring media.

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