Bespoke News Media Monitoring

Monitor media for coverage of news about your organisation, competitors, industry/sector

Why monitor traditional news media?

The traditional media is facing stiff competition from online news outlets. However, it still commands more trust among readers. This is confirmed by Statista which confirms that a large number of adults trust news in traditional media outlets.

Online news is cheap to produce and has recently been plagued by fake news.

Anything published in the traditional media about your business or sector directly impacts your reputation and bottomline.

Traditional news media typically comprises of content published by journalists

What is the service?

The service monitors print, broadcast and online news media for coverage of news on your organisation, competitors, industry and sector.

Print News Media Monitoring

Broadcast News Media Monitoring

Online News Media Monitoring


You get a compilation of news headlines with links to the fulltext.


The headlines are organised and prioritised as per your need.


Fulltext can be given upfront. Or obtained by clicking on the links given.

Smart Briefs

Short briefs can be created if needed. These briefs can be redistributed or published.


Branded custom news letters can be created and distributed in your organisation's name.

What you don't get?

You do not get a one-size-fits-all dashboard that has millions of social media posts everyday.

You are not expected to handle keywords, setup advanced news filters and manually filter thousands of news items everyday to find a handful relevant ones. We find the needle in the haystack for you.

How and when do you get the service?

What does it look like?

The service can be delivered as an HTML email. The layout can be designed to suit your taste. It can have your logo and branding.

When do you get the service?

You can define the time when you want the service. You define how many times a day and at what times should you get an update. We work 24x7 and can change our schedule so you don't have to.

How do you get the service?

It is a digital product. Hence, you can get an email. A WhatsApp. A WeChat. Website download. We can even offer you an API so you can integrate the service with your organisation's IT systems.



    Many of our competitors are moving to AI-powered automated solutions. The AI systems are pretty good but not as smart as humans, not as yet. Press Monitor uses some of the smartest humans to create your service. Can you leave it to a computer?

    Relevant coverage

    Who needs few million news stories a day? We focus on sources which matter to your business. Press Monitor will avoid sources which will add to your cost without adding to value.

    Focussed search

    Does your current news solution search as well as Google? Or are you continuously reaching out for advanced filters and not getting it right? Ability to understand your requirement and be able to give you what you need is our top priority.


    Where did it happen? When did it happen? If content is king, context is god. Context helps understand whether the particular news matters to us. And whether it matters at that particular time.

    Related News

    Finding news by keywords, you tend to miss related news but lacking the keywords. You need related news, related by place, by subjects of news, by topics of news and by timing.


    Does your solution describe news on your competitors' achievments to be very positive? One man's meat is another man's poison.

    Fake News

    Humans instinctively know when something does not seem right. Fake news is cheap to produce. You need human monitors to stop serving you fake news.

    News Analyses

    Get various types of analyses about what happened. Why it happened? What was the media coverage? What was the impact? What are competitve matrices?