Press Release Distribution

Disseminate news releases to more than 100,000 media outlets.

The Service

Deliver your press release to accredited journalists, bloggers and key social media influencers. Reach out to local, state, regional, or national media h4, including print, electronic, internet and social media platforms.

The Need

You need a platform to deliver photographs, infographics, videos and other visually-rich communication to journalists, bloggers, key social media influencers, and your stakeholders.

Service Strength

Deliver your story to several audience segments, without delays. Reach out simultaneously across traditional, online and social media h4 with Press Monitor's press release distribution. Distribution channels include traditional media like magazines,newspapers and television news desks, along with business and trade journals, news bureaus and wire services. Maintain your own online archive of your press releases. Distribute your story on social media. Give easy access to social media influencers and your followers to view and share your documents. Your distributed content - like stories, photographs, videos, infographics and marketing material - can also be published to your online newsroom, across your social media channels and as an RSS feed. Choose from multiple delivery options and languages to reach specific markets. Keep your stakeholders informed with announcements, RSS feeds,and news releases


  • reach your communication to thousands of news websites, traditional media h4 and wire services, worldwide
  • reach out to journalists and key influencers on social media with personalised email messages
  • distribution on social media, to let key influencers talk for you
  • an online newsroom, to keep all your news release compilations in one place
  • view details of releases distributed, automatically track correspondence, and improve deliverability