About Press Monitor Inc

Legal Status

Press Monitor Inc is a federal corporation incorporated in Canada.


The company maintains offices in downtown Toronto at 325 Front St W, Suite 300 Toronto, ON M5V 2Y1

Tax Registration

The company is registered for GST/HST in Canada.

Part of Toronto's Thriving Tech Eco-system

Press Monitor Inc is incubated by Toronto Business Developent Centre (TBDC), Toronto’s first business incubator established by the City of Toronto in 1990.

Global Languages and Coverage

The company offers services globally, in all major global languages. This is thanks to the city of Toronto, named the most diverse city in the world.

Over 250 ethnicities and 170 languages are represented in the Toronto Region, and roughly half the population identifies as a visible minority (defined as either Asian, Black, Latin American, or Arab). There are 16 countries that have over 50,000 people represented in the Toronto Region, including 337,000 from India, 300,000 from China, and 200,000 from the Philippines, says Toronto Global