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Online News Monitor

Get news content from the websites of mainstream newspapers, magazines and independent news portals in Canada

Print Media Monitor

Early-morning Press Clippings from Mainstream Newspapers, Magazines and Trade Press in Canada

TV News Monitor

Monitor English and French news on national television channels

Social Media Monitor

Track Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media platforms for the latest news and user-generated content on topics of your choice

Analyses & Insights

24x7 News Alerts

Get relevant news alerts from social media handles and websites of major newspapers, TV channels, and independent news portals

Measurement and Analytics

Measure your coverage in Canadian print, broadcast, online, and social media

Media Insights

Transform your data into media insights that can drive your decisions. Get topic Insights and capture trending topics and their impact on your reputation

Power of Automation

Press Monitor Canada API

Get your news in a variety of API formats such as RSS Feeds, ATOM feeds, and JSON API to suit your needs

Press Monitor Automation

Integrate Press Monitor news data with more 10,000 applications using support for web hooks and automation tools
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