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Press Monitor is looking for skilled, hard working and ambitious persons to fill positions in various departments.

News Tasters

You have a taste for news. Very good handle on current affairs.
You will be scanning for news relevant to clients. You will be reviewing services to ensure that irrelevant news stories are not included in final products.

News Abstractors

You love news. You read fast and write even faster. And have an excellent command over the language.
You have to rewrite long articles into a few words. You have to ensure that the few words convey the core of the story. Without any distortion or opinion.

News Analyzers

You analyze the day's developments in the clients chosen sector. You identify which paper reported what, how the news was reported, tonal bias in the report, and help the client understand the impact.

Content Writers

Expert Content Writers with Top SEO Skills in several languages including English, Canada, German, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi languages.
  • - Write blog posts promoting company services
  • - Write blog posts to educate potential customers
  • - Write blog posts comparing services with competitors
  • - Write content for social media
  • - Create presentations
  • - Technical documentation
  • - Search latest trends and write blogs on the trending topics

Sales and Business Developement

Several positions are available for sales and business development. If you have experience and the drive, please contact us.